Can a 47-year-old underachieving mid-handicapper find long-sought golfing glory by turning things around and learning to play left-handed? The world is about to find out.


Thanks for visiting my Scratch in the Mirror website. I recently posted drafts of the Introduction and first five chapters of the book -- you'll find them below. I'm at the point where I can use all the feedback I can get. So ... if you're so inclined, please read any or all of the chapters and weigh in the comments section (or send an e-mail to Please be honest -- and harsh, if necessary. 

I'm particularly interested in rooting out the long-winded and/or boring parts. So please don't hesitate to tell me where those are. Thank you!


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  1. i read your drafts and i really got the feeling that you want to say something. you do it beautifully and i think you need to observe your surroundingd more keenly